World's 1st Community-owned Crypto Exchange

Tokeneo is a crypto-currency exchange whose investors are rewarded with 50% of the income, paid out on a daily basis. Tokeneo community owns 90% of the Ethereum-based TEO tokens. Our investors participate in Exchange's development.

Tokeneo ICO ends in

505,723 USD raised

Why Tokeneo

90% of the total TEO tokens are in control of our investors

Regular passive income for every TEO holder with daily payouts.

Guaranteed 50-50 distribution of income between TEO holders and the exchange.

Periodic airdrops for the community, backed by our external resources.

Meet Our

Highly Professional Team

Tomasz Rozmus

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
  • since 2007 an active trader and investor
  • since 2010 he has been studying trading theory under the watchful eye of the biggest industry experts (Alex Elder, David Weis, Kerry Lovorron)
  • 2013-15 he worked as an analyst for a private investment fund of Birger Schagermeier in Germany, performs analyses for many renowned brokers, among others hot forex, wh self investment, xtb
  • since 2014 a member of the Polish Association of Individual Investors
  • since 2015 runs a private investment blog SmartTrader in which he teaches the basics of trading
  • since 2017 he has been analyzing intensely the cryptocurrency markets

Cyryl Dudek

CSO (Chief Strategy Officer & Product Manager)
  • 3 years of investments on the crypto markets
  • for many years he has been studying as a hobby the theory of Austrian school of economics
  • participation in several dozen of ICO fundraising events and IPOs (public exchange offers)
  • extensive experience in the field of trading engines and their servicing
  • interest in the social aspects of technology

Adam Tatarynowicz

CCO/CLO (Chief Compliance/Legal Officer)
  • professor of strategic management at the SMU in Lee Kong Chian School of Business
  • lecturer in the Centre for Economic Research at Tilburg University
  • he specializes in organizational theory
  • he studies the structures of dynamics of organizational networks, biotechnology, pharmacy and IT sector history

Lukasz Janowski

CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)
  • He is an adviser in the realm of the promotion of blockchain-based products.
  • He is also active as a manager of international IT projects and he is in charge of coordinating the work of their teams.
  • He is the initiator and leader of strategic initiatives on the market of advanced technologies.
  • He takes pride in an extensive experience concerning the management and implementation of IT projects, infrastructure and integration of blockchain systems at the corporate level.

Paweł Bylica

CTO, Back-end Developer
  • He launched his very first Internet website as early as in the primary school and it was then that he decided to turn it into a professional career.
  • Programming for him is so much more than just a job. It is also his lifetime passion and hobby.
  • He began as a developer in a British start-up which later on became a large company operating across the whole country.
  • Currently he takes pride in his almost 10-year long experience in the industry. The motto he goes by is as follows: there is always some room for improvement.

Nikhil Sethi

Marketing Director
  • He has a 6-year long experience in marketing, advertising and community building.
  • In April 2018 he was successful in conducting a promotional campaign of the Morpheus Network project.
  • He supported numerous projects when organizing the ICOs such as Pareto, Blockgrain, Lamden, Globitex, Paragon, which in total succeeded in collecting more than USD 100 million.
  • He offers advisory services.
  • He worked as a consultant for such companies as the Indian telecom giant Airtel, CarzOnRent and BlaBlaCar.

Jakub Staroń

PRO (Public Relations Officer)
  • He is a social media expert.
  • He has a long-standing experience in engineering and communication.
  • In the Tokeneo project he is in charge of developing, planning and implementing the PR strategy.
  • He is also responsible for contact with media, research and data analytics.
  • He prepares marketing materials for us and handles their distribution in the carefully selected media.

Stanisław Kiciński

Front-end Developer, Graphic Designer
  • Currently he specializes in front-end programming and designing Internet websites, but he began as a hobbyist.
  • Thanks to a long-standing experience gained on the market, he creates complete products with the use of state-of the-art tools and technologies that perfectly match all the needs of his customers.
  • He is interested in graphics and he studies the latest programming trends.

Bartłomiej Kamionka

Social Media & Support
  • He is the administrator of social media channels of the Tokeneo project.
  • He is responsible for Internet advertising and developing marketing campaigns for our products.
  • He takes care of the image of the Tokeneo brand and he edits the content of our materials.
  • He has gained a thorough experience in the realm of SEO.

Kamil Rowinski

Creative Director and Social Media Manager
  • A journalism graduate finding his fulfilment in writing.
  • Naturally creative.
  • A media person with a long-standing experience in various televisions as a producer and programming director.
  • Author of a series of programs, commercials and films as well as texts about the movie industry.
  • He participated in numerous start-ups, advising on image and advertising strategy.
  • An enthusiast of sociology and social media and the principles underpinning them.
  • Both people and new challenges constitute for him a source of inspiration and satisfaction.

Robert Wojciechowski

  • A genuine expert in the field of strategic marketing and management in various industry sectors.
  • In his professional career that has lasted longer than 20 years he worked for the leading companies from E-Commerce, Facility Management and Media.
  • He took part in the establishment of, among others, the National Circulation Audit Office and Polish Readership Survey.
  • In 2000 he also organized the Polish Internet Survey where he acted as the President of the Management Board. For the last two years he has been professionally involved in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.
  • In OAAM consulting company he supports entities in blockchain strategy, crowdfunding and ICO.
  • The President of the Board of the Blockchain Chamber of Commerce and New Technologies.

Igor Haleta

  • Marketing Director in OAAM ICO Consulting.
  • An expert in PR, whitepaper audits, bounty programs, ICO strategy and planning.
  • At the beginning of his professional career he worked as an ICO analyst for the Polish Accelerator of Blockchain Technology (PATB) and next as a community manager for a digital zloty project dPLN.
  • Thanks to his internal need for creation and innovation, he keeps on achieving resounding success in his current position.

Andrey Romanov

ICO Trackers Manager
  • Andrey specialises in Russian community development and marketing.
  • His experience in corporate management is evident in his approach to marketing, with strong research, analytics and strategizing skills, he is passionate about maintaining reputation and achieving results.
  • Andrey has been in ICO marketing for over 2 years, working on projects such as DragonChain, Morpheus Network and ThinkCoin and others.

Road Map


Do You Have any questions?

What makes our exchange different?

Tokeneo is the first cryptocurrency exchange on the market ever to offer a revenue sharing model. We also provide a range of simple yet powerful tools to help the investors track and analyze their asset performance. Our investors finally have a voice of their own and they can significantly influence the development of the exchange platform.

How does the revenue sharing model work?

We guarantee a 50/50 revenue sharing model. This ensures an even and fair redistribution of the income between the TEO holders and the exchange.

What kind of digital token does the exchange use?

We use the ERC20 tokens. These tokens are blockchain-based assets that have value and can be sent and received, just like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, or any other type of cryptocurrency.

What payment methods do we accept?

To make your investment as easy as possible, we allow you to make payments using a variety of methods including: Bitcoin (BTC), Lisk (LSK), Stellar (XLM), Waves (WAVES), Ethereum (ETH) and NEO (NEO).

How are the Tokeneo tokens distributed?

There are a total of 100,000,000 Tokeneo tokens available for purchase. 80,000,000 of these are allocated for the crowd sale; 10,000,000 for the development team; 8,000,000 for our strategic partners and investors; and 2,000,000 are reserved for the bounty program.

When does the ICO start?

The ICO will start on October 08 and ends on 30th December

How much control do the investors have?

90 percent of the total TEO tokens are controlled by our investors. Our investors are our partners!

Can I buy the Tokeneo tokens using other cryptocurrencies or fiat money?

Yes, as mentioned above we accept payments in a range of leading cryptocurrencies. Another key highlight of our project is that we are open for fiat money, as well. This means that already at the start of the exchange you can use EUR, USD, and GBP to make your Tokeneo purchases (other national currencies will come soon!).

How is the crowd sale organized?

The soft cap for the crowd sale is $3 Million. The hard cap is $10 Million.

Can I use a mobile app to access the platform?

Yes, in the future you will be able to access and trade Tokeneo conveniently through an app on your smartphone. Among other useful features, the app we are developing will be the first of its kind to feature margin trading.

How frequent are the reward payouts?

Once you invest in Tokeneo, you will be receiving your reward payouts based on the 50 percent revenue sharing model every day.

What’s the TEO selling price at the time of the ICO?

The ICO selling price of the TEO token will be determined by the total amount of funds collected during the ICO sale. The more funds we collect the higher the selling price per TEO token. The final price will be published along with all the other ICO statistics after the crowd sale ends on December 30, 2018.

What are the requirements to participate in the ICO?

In order to participate in the ICO, you will be required to create an account on the Tokeneo ICO site using your name, surname, email address, and password. You will also be asked to share your personal Ethereum wallet address to which we will transfer your TEO tokens after the ICO ends. IMPORTANT!! Please do not use an exchange address! Make sure you provide us a personal wallet address to which you hold a private key.

As a US citizen, can i participate in crowd sale?

Due to binding regulatory requirements of United States government and it's delegated agencies we cannot fully abide by, all US citizens and residents including residents of US territories under same jurisdiction are exempt from initial coin offering of Tokeneo.

I don’t own any cryptocurrency. Can I contribute to the ICO using fiat money

No problem! If you don’t own any of the six major cryptocurrencies accepted during the ICO you can use our online exchange platform to generate a BTC wallet, buy BTC using VISA/MASTERCARD and use it to make the contribution. It’s simple, hassle-free and convenient!